Strategic Community Manager for The Sense Network

Job description

Introducing The Sense Network

The Sense Network is a unique community of creators, outliers, radical thinkers, extreme users, misfits, rebels, and crazy ones. We see things differently, think differently, and shape the future.

In an age of social media echo chambers, it's our cognitive diversity that sets us apart from mainstream networks. Our collective voices help to expand minds and challenge conventions.

Since 1999, Sensers have gathered over suppers, and in collaborative workshops across the globe to share ideas and perspectives. Our purpose remains steadfast, to make things better and make better things for people, the planet, and business.

Together, we develop a uniquely human skill, our Creative Intelligence: the ability to understand, interpret and act with imagination. We collaborate on creative projects and innovation challenges, small and large. We expand our minds to see new possibilities and develop ideas that will create a better future for people, the planet and business.

The Sense Network - Strategic Community Manager

The majority of social networks bring together those who think and act the same. The Sense Network celebrates those who think and act differently.

Would you like to lead this global community of creative and curious minds? The Strategic Community Manager for The Sense Network has three core responsibilities:

GROW: How might we build awareness of our community and attract people who see things differently and think differently to The Sense Network?

ENGAGE: How might we create an ecosystem of creative tools and services that will sustain engagement with the world's largest creative community?

COMMERCIALISE: How might we develop and monetise membership services and establish self-sustaining revenue streams for The Sense Network?

  • Are you a natural networker that can demonstrate the six degrees of integration?
  • Are you plugged into communities?
  • Do you thrive off connecting with a diverse group of people?
  • Do you recognise the value of cognitive diversity?

If you answered yes to these questions, then it sounds like you would be a great fit! 

What do we expect from the Strategic Community Manager for The Sense Network? 

The Strategic Community Manager is expected to show leadership within the business. In terms of representing and advocating for The Sense Network; in figuring how best to develop and improve our collective relationship with Sensers; and in contributing to a positive working environment and culture for all team members.

The Strategic Community Manager for The Sense Network must be able to operate at strategic and tactical level. This role has the best of both worlds; strategic vision and daily impact.

Strategic Vision.

Identify the fundamental building blocks for creating a thriving, self-sustaining community. Collaborate with the Sense Worldwide team and bring your own ideas for what The Sense Network could be - the bigger, the better! Create a strategic roadmap and business plan for the future growth of The Sense Network.

1. Lead The Sense Network business pillar


  • To play an active role in the leadership team guiding the strategic direction of The Sense Network and Sense Worldwide.
  • To lead the strategy and implementation of quarterly objectives and key results (OKRs) for The Sense Network.
  • To own and manage the annual budget for The Sense Network.

2. Scale The Sense Network


  • To develop and implement a strategic plan to grow community membership engagement and growth - both in the digital and physical world. With the ultimate goal of building loyalty and advocacy within The Sense Network

  • To create, implement and report on objective and measurable KPIs for The Sense Network growth and engagement

3. Commercial strategy development and implementation


  • Develop profitable commercial applications for The Sense Network. 

  • Identify, experiment and implement new initiatives to generate revenue from The Sense Network. Including (but not limited to) the Creative Intelligence training course and membership options for The Sense Network.

  • Develop, agree and report on KPIs that provide objective evidence for progress towards commercial goals.

Daily Impact

Nurture and engage members of The Sense Network on a personal level. Build relationships and make friends with some of the smartest and interesting people you may ever meet. Get your hands dirty in the day-to-day running and management of a global community of creators.

4. Build The Sense Network brand


  • Be the advocate for The Sense Network internally and externally. Attend and speak at industry events and/or client meetings to advocate the commercial value of The Sense Network.

  • Manage new content (written, audio, visual) that demonstrates the unique value of The Sense Network. Including (but not limited to) Senser Stories, Extreme Perspectives Podcast, Newsletter.

  • Drive events and initiatives to support community engagement and growth. Including (but not limited to) Virtual Meet-Ups, Sense Suppers, talks and workshops for Sensers.

  • Work with Marketing to ensure content is fully utilised and reaches a wide audience.

  • Investigate and manage complementary brand partnerships for The Sense Network.

  • Develop and implement ways to make The Sense Network famous for being the world’s largest creative community.

5. The Sense Network x Consulting Liaison


  • Be the bridge between the consulting team and The Sense Network on all projects.

  • Work with the consulting team to develop and implement initiatives to improve The Sense Network experience of contributing to projects.

  • Capture feedback from The Sense Network on all projects and identify opportunities for us to improve how we work with Sensers.

  • Ensure we have the appropriate systems, processes and documentation to pay Sensers for their contributions and ensure we are compliant with any contractual obligations (e.g. up to date NDAs).

  • Create and maintain a 'library' of Senser profiles (written + headshots) that can be included in proposals and project materials.

  • Grow The Sense Network within key demographics, such as age and geography, to ensure the consulting team always has access to the required candidates for projects.

Competitive salary applies.



  • A degree (or equivalent) in higher education

Experience (ideal)

  • Experience (or interest) working with communities or engaging with diverse audiences

  • Experience with (or knowledge of) freemium / paid community models

  • Command of social strategy and execution and digital media tools

  • Proven skills in writing and communications (editorial experience is a bonus!)

Additionally we require that candidates: 

  • Take courses outside work

  • Have a side project 

  • Have taken a big bet on themselves self in the past

  • Are curious and thrive on learning and challenging themselves