Innovation Consultant

Job description

As a member of the Sense Worldwide consulting team, you must be able to demonstrate three core attributes in your role: The Analyst, The Strategist, and The Catalyst.

  1. Do you have the intellectual skills of The Analyst?
    Can you grasp the situational context of what is going on through a conventional business lens? Can you understand how things work and why? Do you communicate with rigour and clarity?

  2. Do you have the lateral thinking skills of The Strategist?
    Can you interpret what is going on to reframe a challenge? Can you ask strategic questions that lead you to think about alternative futures? Can you make the complex simple with a good story?

  3. Do you have the collaborative skills of The Catalyst?
    Can you bring out the best in others through great facilitation? Can you foster the conditions for collaboration with a wide and diverse range of people; from CEO’s to interns to members of The Sense Network? Can you think on your feet and act with imagination to inspire others?

What do we expect from an Innovation Consultant at Sense Worldwide?

1. Strategic thinking

We make the complex simple, and the future real. We provide leaders and teams with the inspiration and confidence to make creative and strategic leaps into the future. This is our craft and core competency. This is how we deliver breakthrough innovation.


  • Working collaboratively with team members to deliver world class creative thinking and high impact innovation strategies.
  • Bringing informed thinking, market evidence and consumer understanding to bear on project work in order to deliver a compelling business case to power the client's future marketing and innovation.
  • The ability to identify the ‘SO WHAT’ on top of learnings, insights and research.
  • The ability to communicate the thinking and recommendations in an inspiring and clear way via the creation of outstanding written materials.
  • Delivering a compelling verbal presentation with the support of other team members.

Relevant skills and experience:

  • Commercial awareness; can you think like a CEO and help solve their problems?
  • Ability to make creative leaps (in collaboration); turning insights into opportunities.
  • Experience working in high performing teams; being able to collaborate, engage, inspire and guide.
  • Experience writing and presenting inspiring yet practical debriefs.
  • Experiencing apply the principles of Design Thinking.

2. Network Collaboration

The Sense Network is at the heart of every innovation project. You will be expected to manage and collaborate with members of The Sense Network (Sensers) on projects in an enjoyable, organised and human way.


  • Proactively managing collaborations with The Sense Network to deliver end to end innovation projects.
  • Design and delivering an outstanding member experience, including recruitment, project communications, activity moderation, feedback and financing.
  • Actively identifying and implementing initiatives to optimise the way The Sense Network collaborates on consulting projects.
  • Regularly communicating with energy and enthusiasm to keep members of The Sense Network informed, motivated and on track.

Relevant skills and experience:

  • Excellent communicator that enjoys connecting with others
  • Experience and/or interest in managing and collaborating with creator communities
  • Experience in optimising communications and workflows

3. End-to-End Innovation Project Management.

Crucially, you must be able to lead or support innovation projects end-to-end. We are partners to our clients, not suppliers. We challenge and push to do the right thing, even if it is uncomfortable at the time. Our talent is to make an innovation challenge simple and fun. Complex, political, and high-stake projects must often be delivered at speed.


  • Design end-to-end innovation projects to a world-class standard; acting as a strategic partner to our clients.
  • Proactively in contact with clients to keep them informed and engaged and ensures the project team presents a united front in all client interactions and manages expectations.
  • Create engaging discovery activities including but not limited to: activities that help uncover breakthrough insights, activities that uncover unarticulated or latent needs, discussion guides for unstructured in-depth interviews.
  • Define opportunities by analyzing and interpreting business information, quantitative and qualitative research data; both intuitively and reflectively.
  • Develop world-class deliverables to communicate insights and innovation concepts to clients with simple but powerful storytelling. Including but not limited to compelling insights decks, consumer-centric propositions, or concepts.
  • Efficient, organized project planning, project resourcing, to manage all phases of the project (set-up, recruitment, research, analysis, synthesis, project admin); anticipating and avoiding pitfalls.
  • Keeping the project team informed, motivated, and on track. Monitoring project commercials, ensuring that projects are delivered to agreed levels of profitability.
  • Taking an active role in optimization of project management through ongoing experimentation: implementing these learnings to streamline project workflow.

Relevant skills and experience:

  • Taking on things that you might not have done before and learning quickly.
  • A proactive, diligent and collaborative way of working.
  • Excellent communicator; both written and spoken.
  • Experience in planning, resourcing, and managing all phases of innovation projects.
  • Experience in designing innovation research activities, analysing and interpreting qualitative research data and developing deliverables to communicate insights to clients.
  • Excellent time and project management skills.
  • Exceptional client management skills.

4. Advocacy and Account Development

We work as one team. New business is everyone's business. Every member of the Sense Worldwide team is expected to be an advocate for Sense Worldwide to attract new members of the team and help spot and develop new opportunities with both existing and new clients.


  • Being an advocate for the business. Understanding our business propositions and being able to tell a compelling story about our past projects.
  • Actively working towards ensuring the retention of existing client business and identifying opportunities for new business from existing clients.
  • Supporting team members on pitches to new clients, helping to identify the client’s needs and writing new business proposals.
  • Evaluating client briefs by understanding client issues and helping to formulate an appropriate approach/methodology to fulfil the objectives.
  • Actively supporting and upholding the company’s purpose, vision and values.
  • Identifying opportunities for the business to grow and improve as a place to work. Including, but not limited to company marketing, PR and social media initiatives.
  • Has an ambition to make a difference in the world and seeks ways to achieve this with Sense Worldwide.
  • Actively contributing to one of the business’s strategic pillars (Workflows & Craftskills, Culture & Team, The Sense Network, Customer Acquisition & Retention); owning, driving and supporting internal business initiatives and goals.

Relevant skills and experience:

  • Experience contributing to the creation of high quality innovation proposals.
  • Experience managing client accounts.
  • Excellent collaborator that enjoys working as part of a team.

5. Growth: Personal and Professional Development

We are more than just our job title. Our team members are constantly looking to learn, grow and develop themselves as people, and as members of the team. They also collaborate to grow the business and work towards our strategic ambitions. How might we make things better and make better things?


  • Is able to autonomously guide their own professional development and actively seek out opportunities for personal growth.
  • Contributing to the improvement of current methodologies, approaches and thinking within Sense Worldwide and development of new approaches.
  • Reading widely and attending activities outside of Sense Worldwide to bring new thinking and approaches back into the business.
  • Owning and developing an area of interest / expertise within the business; working to collectively expand the team’s minds.
  • Actively contributing to one of the business’s strategic pillars (Workflows & Craftskills, Culture & Team, The Sense Network, Customer Acquisition & Retention); owning, driving and supporting internal business initiatives and goals.

Competitive salary applies.



  • A degree (or equivalent) in higher education

Additionally we require that candidates: 

  • Take courses outside work

  • Have a side project 

  • Have taken a big bet on themselves self in the past

  • Are curious and thrive on learning and challenging themselves