Breakthrough innovation needs people with different minds to deliver different outcomes.

To deliver breakthrough results we collaborate with The Sense Network: creators, outliers, misfits, rebels and the crazy ones to ideate, iterate, evaluate and expand the minds of organizational leaders and innovation teams.

We use agile innovation workflows to understand future customer needs, identify growth opportunities, reframe organizations and brands, disrupt categories, derisk pipelines, ideate, iterate, validate and deliver breakthrough innovation.

Since 1999 The Sense Network has collaborated with many of the world’s most innovative organizations to help them be more innovative.

Who we’re looking for to join the Sense Worldwide team.

People who thrive at Sense Worldwide are A players: self-starters who can motivate themselves and know how to focus, prioritize and re-prioritize as needed. 

As innovators, we are naturally curious, intuitive and can think critically about the world around us. We are more comfortable than most with a state of flux. We lean into ambiguous situations. We have an experimental mindset. We foster empathy for other people. We have the drive and ambition to make progress every day. 

We deliver on the expectations of multiple stakeholders, both internally and externally. We spot opportunities to make things better as a result. We learn to learn. We accelerate our understanding of new things and adapt quickly to changing conditions. However, you will also know when to focus on doing rather than thinking and making it real. 

Does this describe you? Is this an environment you would thrive in? 

Here are a few more questions to help you figure out if we would be good together:

  • Do you have an inquiring mind?

  • Can you demonstrate a growth mindset?

  • Are you able to think critically and make a creative leap?

  • Are you comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback?

  • Are you equivocal and able to handle uncertainty and ambiguity?

  • Are you able to join the dots and identify opportunities? 

  • Do you have proof that you can deliver world class work?

  • Do you prefer simplification over complication?

  • Can you write precisely in plain English?

  • Can you tell a good story?

  • Can you deliver high quality work under pressure?

  • Do you embody the Sense Worldwide values; Be Human, Be Creative, Collaborate, Be Hungry? 

Did you answer ‘yes’ to the questions above? Great! It sounds like we are aligned in our values and mindset. 

Our Hiring Philosophy

Do the right thing

Three Key Principles

  1. Hire people who live our values and share our vision.
  2. Hire people who want to embark on a growth journey with us. 
  3. Waste as little time as possible for both sides.

How we hire

Transparency all the way

We have developed a transparent hiring process; one that gives everyone a clear understanding of the steps involved from initial application through to offer stage. 

To date, over 100 people have gone through some part of this process. It's your chance to get to know more about us and the role. It's our opportunity to get to know you, what motivates you and what ambitions you have for the future. 

Those that go all the way demonstrate a unique combination of professional smarts, shared values and ability to handle themselves with distinction. 

Please read on to find out more. We look forward to getting to know you better.

1 // Say hello!

Complete the Application Questionnaire

  • Duration: 30 min   
  • Decision within: A working week 

2 // Let's get to know each other

Casual chat with the Sense Worldwide team

  • Duration: 20-30 min
  • Decision within: 3 working days

3 // Show us your Creative Intelligence

Complete our free An Introduction to Creative Intelligence course

  • Duration: 90 min
  • Decision within: 3 working days

And for consulting roles only:

4 // Your chance to shine

Join us for half a day; meet the team, interview with the CEO and complete a consulting task (paid)

  • Duration: 4 hr
  • Decision within: 3 working days
  • Payment: £50

Join us

Current openings

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