Sense Worldwide

Our culture

Sense Worldwide is a place for curious people who love to have wide ranging conversations and are able to connect the dots to generate new ideas and ways of doing things. Everyone has full ownership of their professional development. Outside interests are actively encouraged and an appreciation of modern culture is expected. Everyone has autonomy to manage their schedule and will be expected to demonstrate an ability to lead within the team and in front of clients or partners.

Sense Worldwide provides everyone who works here the opportunity to fast track their professional development within innovation and marketing. From the start there is the opportunity to play a leading role in intellectually stimulating work and to develop creative ideas. All new joiners will have immediate and direct input into how Sense evolves and will help to shape how our clients do business.

What We Do

We work with groups of smart, articulate, culturally engaged people to help clients design better products, services and experiences. We build collaborative networks that place consumers front and centre in our clients’ minds and ensure that real people are at the heart of their future marketing and innovation.

Our clients represent brands and senior leadership from progressive consumer businesses, Fortune 500 organisations and world class private companies. Our work delivers best in class insight that powers client teams spanning product innovation, marketing content and brand strategy.

Find Out More

The Sense Network is our global community of 4,000+ visionary, creative thinkers and doers who have collaborated with Nike, Pepsi, Converse and Sonos, to make things better and make better things.

Check it out here.

Our hiring philosophy

Do the right thing

Three Key Principles

  1. Hire for ability and potential
  2. Hire people who share Sense values
  3. Waste as little time as possible for both sides

Those That Thrive

People who thrive at Sense Worldwide are intuitively curious and embody the growth mindset. They love asking questions and exploring ideas but know when to focus on doing over thinking. They are comfortable with ambiguity and able to join the dots without hand holding. Some headlines for what your background should look like include:

  • Took a higher education course (university / college) … dropouts welcome
  • Second / third job with experience of insight / innovation
  • Takes courses outside work (Udacity, Coursera ...)
  • Has a side project
  • Taken a big bet on themselves

How we hire

Transparency all the way

We have developed a transparent hiring process that gives every applicant a clear understanding of all the steps involved from initial application through to offer stage. Each step is designed to qualify the applicant for the next step so we can make our hiring decisions as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

1 // Complete the application questionnaire

  • Duration: 30 min    
  • Decision within: 2 working days

2 // Complete the competency assessment

  • Duration: 90 min
  • Decision within: 3 working days

3 // Attend a two part interview (same day)

  • Duration: 90 min
  • Decision within: 3 working days

And for consulting roles only:

4 // Attend a half-day, paid, workshop

  • Duration: 3 hr
  • Decision within: 3 working days
  • Payment: £50

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